Monday, June 18, 2012


Alas our first bad review rating. I want to start off by saying that I really wanted to love this place. It is a cute little restaurant with great ambiance located on 120th street and Frederick Douglas Blvd (8th avenue for all my old time harlemites) I went during afterwork hours and it was a great crowd with a bouncy atmosphere. Unfortunately that's all this restaurant has to offer.

I started with the Crab rolls and they were very bland and leave much to the imagination. The Sauce is served cold so it really throws off the taste. The roll is stuffed with rice so there is no crab flavor at all. Overall the best part of this dish is the appearance. They excite your Taste buds with the appearance and then let you down. I then tried the Fried Shrimp and they were mediocre at best. They also lack seasoning and you can tell the chef used too much corn meal because the tiny yellow balls get stuck in your teeth. The calamari, like the rest of the appetizers were bland as well. Moving on to the entree I ordered the cheddar bacon cheese burger I figured they couldn't go wrong there. Apparently they could because they served me a burger without cheddar or bacon. When I asked the waitress about my cheddar and bacon she apologized for the mistake and said she'd bring me some. 25 minutes later I was served cold bacon and cheese. Now we all know that it doesn't take 25 minutes to cook bacon. Overall the experience here was terrible, from the food down to the service. If anyone has plans on visiting I would suggest you go to sit at the bar and mingle with the crowd. For this reason Chocolat gets 1 chopstick.

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  1. This makes me sad as this is a black owed restaurant. I hope they get it together